Workshop on Biblical Exposition
MARCH 14-16, 2013
The Charles Simeon Trust aims to help recover the centrality of expository teaching of the Word of God, for the health and benefit of the church in our own and future generations. We also take seriously the instruction of Titus 2, which directs women to “teach what is good, and so train the young women….” Women are called to teach and live as models to other women so “that the word of God may not be reviled.” Training women to teach the Bible to other women is vital for building up the church and equipping its members to live out the truths of the gospel. The workshop is designed for women who serve in regular teaching ministries, including large group instructors, small group teachers and women’s ministry leaders appointed by their churches.

Carrie Sandom is Associate Minister for Women and Pastoral Care at St John's Church, Tunbridge Wells in England. She has served in women’s and student ministry for almost 20 years. Carrie also trains women for Bible teaching ministry at the Cornhill Training Course in London and is a frequent speaker at ministry conferences and conferences for women all over the world. Carrie is the author of Different By Design: God's Blueprint for Men and Women.

Carrie Sandom

Park Community Church
1001 North Crosby Street
Chicago, IL 60610

(312) 361-0500

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Deborah Lorentsen is a resident of Wheaton, Illinois where she is a part of College Church. She is an RN BSN having attended Taylor University, West Suburban Hospital School of Nursing, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Presently she is active in the Women’s Bible Study at College Church in Wheaton where she serves as a regular lecturer, small group leader and curriculum coordinator. She also serves on the board of the Charles Simeon Trust.

Deborah Lorentsen

Colleen Gallagher joined the Charles Simeon Trust as Director of Workshops in September 2007, where she is responsible for all activities related to the Workshops on Biblical Exposition. Prior to working with the Trust, she was in the corporate world, most recently as a Business Development Manager at a major insurance corporation. Colleen earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the College of Business, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is presently pursuing an MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She serves on the board of Matthias Media Ministries and teaches women regularly at Holy Trinity Church's downtown congregation in Chicago.

Colleen Gallagher

Jon Dennis is Senior Pastor of Holy Trinity Church in Chicago which he co-founded in 1998. He holds an MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and is working on a Doctorate of Ministry from Westminster Seminary and a Masters of Liberal Arts from the University of Chicago. Jon has helped establish various ministries including Hope for Chicago, the Charles Simeon Trust, and the Chicago Partnership for Church Planting. Jon is the author of the forth-coming book Christ and City: Why the Greatest Need of the City Is the Greatest News of All and is the co-author of The Genesis Factor Jon Dennis


Instruction 1 Staying on the Line Sandom mp3 mp3 39min 22mb
Instruction 2 Traveling Instructions Lorentsen mp3 mp3 32min 18mb
Instruction 3 Bone and Marrow Gallagher mp3 mp3 34min 20mb
Instruction 4 Text and Framework Dennis mp3 mp3 33min 19mb
Instruction 5 Melodic Line Sandom mp3 mp3 31min 18mb
Instruction 6 Traveling Through the Cross Sandom mp3 mp3 43min 22mb
Exposition 1 1 Samuel 2:1-11 Sandom mp3 mp3 33min 19mb
Exposition 2 1 Samuel 20 Gallagher mp3 mp3 40min 23mb
Exposition 3 1 Samuel 31 Lorentsen mp3 mp3 27min 16mb